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Give your visitors a memorable and distinctive experience, enhance your bottom line.

Imagine your customers coming to pay their dinner check and they are gently rubbing their hands saying “What is that wonderful cleanser you have in your bathroom? My hands feel so soft and smooth. Do you sell it here?”
And right there, with your other locally sourced products, is the stuff they are raving about, Organic Body Polish.
They buy it and they say: “I have never experienced anything like that. I’ll remember this place. Thank you.”
And you smile, knowing they’ll be back...and they’ll tell their friends.
Welcome to the Trillium Organics retail program specifically for visitor and vacationer focused Restaurants, Roadside Produce Markets and Breweries, and Vineyards.

Artisinal Cheese Factory, Company Store
"I think it creates a more positive experience (for our visitors.) It's not too often you go into a
bathroom and get a specialty item like that that you can try out, They come out with a positive response ...
even men try it and buy it." Proprietor*

Italian Irish Bakery and Restaurant

They'll go into the restroom, which a lot of people do before they eat,
they always want to go wash their hands. They'll come out and I can hear them, tell their friends "Oh, we were in that bathroom, oh, you've got to go in, you've got to try that stuff in there." So, they definitely think it's something neat, something different,
and they respond favorably to it." Proprietor*

* We respect the privacy of our retailers, if you would like to discuss becoming a retailer of Trillium Organics products, contact Karen Ciesar directly at karen@trilliumorganics.com to find out how you can delight your customers and add to your bottom line.