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The Polished Life

Organic - Vegan - Gluten Free - Nut Free

Love Organic Body Polish?
Looking for the most economical, efficient way to keep your skin glowing?

The Polished Life is for you!
Less Cost 5 24 oz jars for the price of 4
Less Packaging 1 small scoop jar and a bag replaces 5 large jars
More Glowing Skin!

System includes 12 oz Scooping Jar and 110 oz Bulk Bag

Revitalize your skin and wake up your senses!
Healthy Skin Function improves with each use.
xfoliation removes the dry dead cells at the surface of the skin, decongesting the dermis, and stimulating cellular regeneration.
Organic Body Polish rejuvenates your skin leaving it moisturized, radiant and smooth.
Read more about your choice of 10 SAFE SCENTS.

Ensure your Life will stay Polished, subscribe to get a Polish delivery quarterly
select a new scent , add additional items, or cancel at any time prior to shipment
Easy as that!
Our Price: $120.00

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Organic Body Polish is the finest salt scrub made today. Our salt crystals are perfect crystalline cubes, so they do not scratch the skin like other salt scrubs. They exfoliate gently yet effectively. Organic high oleic safflower oil is fast to absorb, and rinses clean, unlike other scrubs which leave a greasy film on you and on the shower floor. Our Certified Organic formula includes only beneficial ingredients, no dangerous synthetics or petrochemically processed ingredients. Organic Body Polish is your Certified Organic alternative to body wash, lotions and creams. So you can have radiant skin without exposure to carcinogens, hormone impersonators and endocrine disruptors commonly found in conventional personal care.

  • Exfoliates dull, dry skin to reveal radiant new skin accelerates cellular renewal improving skin function
  • moisturizes and protects, locking in hydration.

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