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Joyful PRESENCE is the Best PRESENT  

" I have been purchasing body scrubs for years. Trillium Organics is the best ...

They are organic, vegan, have excellent aromas, and leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I would recommend these to everyone. "

- Deborah, New Jersey

" I feel like an egyptian princess! I'm head to toe Polished, I smell amazing! My skin is sooo soft and I'm covered in that beautiful cedar oil. 

It is so luxurious, Jack noticed right away! 

Thank you! "

- Heide, Los Angeles

" I love this body polish!  It's true about its quality. No oily feeling. It doesn't scratch or hurt, it feels good as you rub it on, take it off, and then dry your skin and feel your skin again! It's a smooth and wonderful feeling. 

I bought two and will give one as a gift. 

I highly recommend the product, the service is excellent, the people behind the product are genuine, and shipping is fast. "

- Christine, Southern California