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4oz Organic Body Oil 4oz Organic Body Oil
Our Price: $20.00

8oz Organic Body Oil 8oz Organic Body Oil
Our Price: $30.00

64oz Organic Body Oil 64oz Organic Body Oil
Our Price: $145.00

128oz Organic Body Oil 128oz Organic Body Oil
Our Price: $240.00


Organic Body Oil will give your skin the emollients and protection it needs to stay radiant and glowing. Applying Organic Body Oil just out of the bath or shower absorbs quickly, locks in the hydration and protects skin for days, outperforming lotion by far. This fine, light oil is preferred by massage therapists as aromatherapy massage oil. They love its enduring slip. Fresh, organic oils and pure, organic essential oils.

Don’t compromise your health for healthy “looking” skin Conventional lotions and creams are filled with petrochemical and petrochemically processed ingredients that can compromise your internal health in the long run. There are phthalates in synthetic fragrance; those mess with your endocrine system. There are formaldehyde precursors in thickeners and emulsifying agents; those mess with your hormonal balance. There are parabens and other preservatives; those are tantamount to spreading antibiotics over your skin, wiping out both friendly and unfriendly bacteria, leaving your skin exposed and unprotected.
To make matters worse, they add chemical penetration enhancers, which drive all of those chemicals deeply into the body and blood stream. The list goes on…. What a mess! Rest assured you’ll find none of these scary monsters in our USDA Certified Organic Body and massage oils.