Organic Body Polish moisturizes skin when it is prepared to accept it

In order to absorb moisturizers we must first remove the dirt and dead skin layer. Applying lotion to dry skin achieves little to nothing. Our Polish is a timely and logical skin care method, warm and hydrated in the shower. Our pores are open; our skin is hydrated; the dermis is ready to benefit from moisturizing oils. The oils literally lock the hydration into the skin, as excess oil is washed away.
We do not use sugar for one very good reason
Sugar feeds bacteria and yeast, salt is antiseptic and cleansing. Many people enjoy soaking in baths while Polishing. Soaking in a sugar bath would not be a healthy choice for women, while soaking in salt is a delightfully healthy choice for everyone. We however, understand that Sugar does not sting your legs after shaving, and for that reason many women choose sugar scrubs. We prefer to Polish first, liberating the hair, then rinse with cooler water, which leaves a layer of oils for a moisturizing, gentle shave which does not leave nicks and cuts that would potentially sting.
Soap is different than a Cleanser
Soap” strips oil from the acid mantle (the outermost layer of the skin), Such removal of all fatty acids and oils is only sometimes necessary. Stripping of oils must always be followed by the application of some kind of moisturizer or else the skin is left unprotected to dehydrate. dry flakey ashey skin is the result of such stripping.
Polish cleanses without stripping
Organic Body Polish is an antibacterial, antimicrobial cleanser that detoxifies the body as it cleanses away dirt, grime and dead skin. Nothing delivers a deeper feeling of clean than the properly shaped crystalline salt and purifying essential oils of Organic Body Polish.
Salt purifies and detoxifies
We really do ‘eat’ what we put on our skin: salt molecules are too large to absorb into our bodies when applied topically (those on a salt restricted diet need not worry) Salt draws toxins from the body and brings skin rejuvenating oxygen to the surface. Perfect for those on detox diets, changing diets, with aging skin, challenged circulation or just wanting to purify in support of their immune systems.