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3.53oz Organic Soaking Salt 3.53oz Organic Soaking Salt
Our Price: $12.00

19oz Organic Soaking Salt 19oz Organic Soaking Salt
Our Price: $30.00

79oz Organic Soaking Salt 79oz Organic Soaking Salt
Our Price: $90.00

The myriad of naturally occuring minerals is a timeless and effective remedy for reducing joint pain, eczema, dermatitis, nervous tension, and even provides symptomatic relief from the common cold. Soaking in mineral salts can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and hydrate tissues. Each organic aromatherapy blend holds it's own special gifts for you to enjoy. Enhance your bathing experience with these aromatic and mineral rich salts.

Many bath salts contain synthetic fragrances which contain phthalates. Phthalates are dangerous endocrine disruptors and contain bioaccumulative reproductive toxins. Many, are made simply from refined minerals and refined salt, which contain none of the trace minerals found in mineral salts. While sea salt may contain those trace minerals, the sad fact is, our modern oceans are polluted. Those pollutants do find thier way into the dehydrated sea salts commonly used as bath salts, such as celtic and dead sea salts. Only by using salt that has been sealed off from the moderns world, can we be confident that the pollutants are absent. Organic Soaking Salts are Certified Organic, leaving no doubt about the purity of the product.