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  • Our Organic Aromas

    Calming Lavender Geranium
    With our Calming Essential Oil Blend, you’ll smell as good as you feel! This euphoric yet serene scent promotes relaxation of the mind, body & soul. The aromatherapy balanaces the skin function, reducing inflammation, and calming any irritation. Recommended for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, balancing the heated pitta constitution.

    Clearing Cedar Eucalyptus
    Our Clearing Blend of Essential Oils blends both the complex and the refreshing simplicity of the forest. Crisp and woody, this scent promotes clarity of the mind. The aromatherapy is clearing for the sinuses and lungs as well. Recommended for athletics, cold and flu season, supporting a vata constitution.

    Warming Cinnamon Clove
    This Warming Blend of Essential Oils is an earthy and enticing aphrodisiac. With intoxicating mulling spices plus a touch of sensual patchouli and lavender, this rich scent is like a warm embrace. The aromatherapy enhances circulation, bringing fresh blood to the surface of the skin. Recommended for heating up romance, cold extremeties, poor circulation, and diminishing the cool kapha constitution.

    Revitalizing Sweet Orange
    Start your day with Revitalizing Orange Essential Oil. Punchy and energetic, this zesty citrus scent is the perfect pick-me-up! The aromatherapy effect is to encourage happiness.

    Refreshing Pink Grapefruit
    Refreshing Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. The delicious citrus scent is so uplifting; your good mood will be contagious!

    Invigorating Lemon Ginger
    Our Invigorating Essential Oil Blend adds a burst of energy to your routine. This fresh lemon and spicy ginger scent leaves you summer fresh, year round. The aromatherapy calms nausea from motion sickness or morning sickness.

    Clarifying Geranium Grapefruit
    Floral Geranium and fruity Grapefruit combine harmoniously to create our Clarifying Essential Oil Blend. This charming scent promotes positivity and balance.

    Comforting Vanilla Cardamom
    Perfect for romance or relaxing! This Comforting blend of Vanilla and Cardamom Essential Oils is a natural aphrodisiac. The scrumptious scent that’s so indulgent, it’s like eating dessert first.

    Soothing Lavender Lavandin
    The perfect scent for all occasions. Lavender and its cousin, Lavandin, are expertly blended in our Soothing Essential Oil. This delicate scent promotes relaxation with its sweet, flowery, herbaceous aroma.

    Purifying Fragrance Free
    For those with acute sensitivities, we made sure to include fragrance free options. Not only is the product not scented, it is completely FREE OF ALLERGENS, irritants, endocrine diruptors, hormone impersonators, and of couse free from carcinogens.
3oz Organic Body Butter 24oz Organic Body Polish 8oz Organic Body Oil
3oz Organic Body Butter
Our Price: $24.00
24oz Organic Body Polish
Our Price: $30.00
8oz Organic Body Oil
Our Price: $30.00
Organic Body Butter is the choice for extreme dry conditions.  Treat skin to nourishing butter, rich in vitamins A, E & F.  This creamy rich blend of Cocoa and Shea butter has been recently reformulated, making it softer, smoother, and more readily absorbed. This concentrated butter soon puts an end to extreme and dry conditions.
Organic Body Polish is the finest salt scrub made today. Our salt crystals are perfect crystalline cubes, so they do not scratch the skin like other salt scrubs. They exfoliate gently yet effectively. Organic high oleic safflower oil is fast to absorb, and rinses clean, unlike other scrubs which leave a greasy film on you and on the shower floor. Our Certified Organic formula includes only beneficial ingredients, no dangerous synthetics or petrochemically processed ingredients. Organic Body Polish is your Certified Organic alternative to body wash, lotions and creams. So you can have radiant skin without exposure to carcinogens, hormone impersonators and endocrine disruptors commonly found in conventional personal care.

Organic Body Oil is the Superior Moisturizer for keeping skin hydrated and protected.
Organic Body Oil performs far more effectively than any lotion can. Conventional lotion does not readily penetrate into dry skin. Skin must be prepared to accept hydration and moisturization. Applying Organic Body Oil to warm, hydrated, freshly washed skin locks in the hydration and protects skin from dehydration for days. This bright fresh oil affords enduring slip for massage.

8oz Botanical Soap
8oz Botanical Soap
Our Price: $30.00