Trillium Organics began with the birth of my first child, Zephyr. The utter transformation that birth brought to me emboldened me to follow my passion. Back then I embarked on a mission to change the world from conventional petrochemical farming and toxic personal care products back to the home grown, handmade food, care and medicine world of our grandmothers. Back then the idea of Organic personal care was laughable for most folks who wondered why anyone would ever drop a law career to stay home with my daughter and blend up Baby Bottom Balms. Now 25 years later, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has transformed our beauty culture, and the EWG has changed forever how America reads ingredient labels, and the Organic Consumers Association has changed how we read our Food Labels. We have supported and been instrumental in all of those movements, all the while sharing Organic Body Polish with the world. 

Organic Body Polish has been distributed into in 27 foreign countries including England, China Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Colombia, Turkey, and India.We have come to realize that the bucolic world of my grandmothers was more than just pre “Petrochemical” it was a world in which the love and care was intentionally infused into the home grown and processed food, personal care and medicine. It was the Power of Intention and energy that made such a difference. We have also come to appreciate that Organic Body Polish is much more than skin care, we have come to realize that it is Soulcare. Crystals of salt shift your vibration as lovingly blended Organic Oils lubricate your nervous system. It feels like nothing else on earth. Uplifting and grounding and neutralizing the dissonance of wireless “electrosmog”.

As our planet faces Climate Change and mass extinction at the hands of Patriarchal Control we are here to Support and Uplift all beings, in an effort to restore balance to our world. The Awakened Feminine Principal is rising to meet soothe and calm the Masculine Principal on the planet. Organic Body Polish Uplifts the spirit and enhances our connection with our souls and one another. To that end, We provide Organic Body Polish in Lavatories where our product is sold, Restaurants, Craft Breweries, Wineries, Farm Markets, Awakened Beauty Bars,and more. We provide Organic Body Polish to events which foster upliftment, (Yoga, Meditation, and Educational Retreats, Celebrations, Ceremony). We provide Organic Body Polish to local Fund raising causes which align with our balancing agenda. We have created wonderful ways to uplift any venue of event with s simple offering to Polish in the lavatory. The Energy shift is instant and palpable. In the EMF fog of modern life, a clean energy moment is a refreshing opportunity to re-connect.We are here in awe of the abundance of our natural world and in service to the restoration of balance and awakening of our connection to all of life. We invite all beings to engage with us on this mission.

Twenty five years into the movement for safer chemicals, everyone knows the benefits of Organic Agriculture, and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics spawned the EWG to create SKIN DEEP and Women's Voices for the Earth has positively enhanced our legislative protections for household cleaners and personal care.  Organic Is a household word. Trillium is starting a new mission.  One which will Improve Lives beyond just radiant skin.  We are providing a program to improve lives with positive Abundance practice starting with Self Care Overflowing in compassionate Presence in the world.

I am a Single Mother,  singularly caring for her Primarily Paralyzed by Parkinsons, Mother.  I am steeped daily in the imperitive for the Care Giver to practice compassionate self care.  If I do not take the time to calm, center and fill myself with the vibration of Gratitude and Love, I not do have that compassion to share.  It look many years to realize this simple truth.    I am once again struck by the dearth of structures to support this Divine Feminine Wisdom in the realm of elder care.    Trillium is on a mission to uplift the world with our message of Enlightening Organic Self Care to reach critical saturation of Bliss, Gratitude and Love causing spontaneous erruptions of Joy and Peace throughout the planet and Beyond.   In 2020 we are calling and gathering our Trillium Tribe, for promoting one anothers' prosperity and upliftment.