Diaper Rash is a painful and troublesome condition. There are two predominant causes of diaper rash. You must determine what kind of rash you are treating before you can treat it effectively. The remedies are condition specific, meaning that what works for one will have no effect on the other. So look closely and figure out what you are looking at first.

The Irritated Skin Rash

When urine and feces combine in the diaper they can create a highly alkaline substance that will irritate, almost "burn" the baby's tender new skin. This rash looks red, not raised, may be patchy and may look dry and rough. The instant remedy is to soak in soothing warm water and the soothing Oatmeal and herbs found in the OGbaby Tubby Rubby. Apply OGbaby Barrier Balm to the irritation after the bath. Give the babe's bottom time to breathe, outside of a diaper. Once you remove the offending irritation and sooth the skin, symptoms will subside almost immediately.

You can prevent the recurrence of this kind of rash by rinsing the diaper area with warm water (no chemically preserved baby wipes, please) and applying OGbaby Barrier Balm, with each change.

Yeasty Rash

This rash is caused by a yeast infection, it presents as a raised red welt on the affected area, radiating around the gential/anal area. The red rash will look glassy and shiny. The very best response to this rash is a rinse/spray of 1 part organic apple cider vinegar, 3 parts water. This kind of rash can be very painful and disturbing, if you treat it with Oatmeal wash and balm,it may feel better for a short while, but it will come back. However, rest assured, this remedy can give the babe instant relief.

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