In 2011 we restored our formulations to include 100% Organic Essential Oils which enabled us to display the USDA seal on the front panel of all of our labels. Securing the USDA seal on the front of a product label is the very top designation for an organic product, it requires that more than 95% of the ingredients be certified organic, and that the natural ingredients remaining 5 % or less, come from a short list of approved natural inputs which are additionally certified to be non GMO, non irradiated, and not grown with sewage sludge (how charming, huh?). Some of our products, (the Botanical Soaps) are less than 95% but greater than 70% Certfied Organic Ingredients, an unfortunate result of the totally natural saponification process. Again the remaining percentage are on that short list of allowable natural ingredients. All of our products are made to be as high of an organic content as possible.

Trillium was first Certified Organic in 2000. The USDA subsequently refused to allow personal care products to be certified. Once the USDA once again allowed personal care products into the National Organic Program, in 2004, we have been certified by the
Crop Improvement Association (ocia.org)
ever since.

Trillium has been an active member of
Green America(greenamerica.org) since 2004. Qualification for membership in Green America requires companies to perform rigorous internal audits of sustainable practices. We operate with goals that are set and decisions that are made in reference to the triple bottom line People, Planet and Prosperity- in that order.

We are signers, supporters and zealots for the
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. (safecosmetics.org)The principals we have been guided by from our inception, Purity Wholeness and Balance, are mirrored in the Campaign’s approach, putting Health First on the triple bottom line; Health for the People, Health for the Planet and Health for our Sustainable Endeavors.
We have our products listed on the Skin Deep website, which rates toxicity in cosmetics. Trillium Organics' products are all rated between 0-2 ( safe zone) .

Trillium was selected by the
Organic Consumers Association (organicconsumers.org) as a “Company to Trust” in their 2010 Boycott/Buycott campaign. They challenged all manufacturers of “so called organic” personal care products to disclose all of their ingredients and “Come Clean” about the safety and purity of them. Trillium has been fully disclosing each and every ingredient on labels since 1994.

Leaping Bunny (leapingbunny.org)
Our strict policy against using any ingredients which have been manufactured or developed using animal testing has qualified us to use the Leaping Bunny symbol since the Leaping Bunny program Symbol was first developed.