So we use only safe pre-petroleum era inputs
In the modern world where downright dangerous, cancerous, hormone interrupting, or endocrine disrupting ingredients
are in so many modern conventional personal care products, whether its on the label or not.
Trillium Organics is an oasis of wellness and safety for you and your family.
In order to avoid all "petroleum synthesized better living through chemistry " ingredients, we use exclusively ingredients which have an evolutionarily significant history of safe and beneficial use by humans, that is, pre-petroleum era inputs.

At Trillium, we exclusively include ingredients which are both beneficial to the skin and safe for the health of the whole body. Our products are made as an alternative to conventional personal care which is made from many ingredients which enhance the performance of the product to the detriment of the skin and body. One example in particular of this is preservatives. The modern expectation of personal care is to last for upwards of seven years. That kind of shelf life is only achieved through using broad spectrum anti microbials such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, or other alcohols. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, and phenoxyethanol and other alcohols ultimately dry the skin. All anti-microbials, by design, will kill micro-flora in the lotion and when applied, kill the micro-flora on the surface of the skin. The acid mantle or outermost layer of epidermis is host to a plethora of beneficial micro-flora which exist in balance and support the healthy function of the skin. The use of preservatives disturbs that balance.

At Trillium we make products aimed at restoring and maintaining healthy balanced skin function. While all of our products have a shelf life of no less than 3 years, none of them include broad spectrum anti-microbials. How do we do that? Instead of mixing up oils with water (lotion) which readily bloom and adding a large dose of preservatives to kill bacteria, we believe in blending inherently stable oil based formulations. We them focus on educating people to use them properly. Our oil based formulas, when applied to freshly washed skin, moisturize, nourish and protect the skin far better than any SLS body wash, synthetically preserved lotion or cream, or foam shaving cream.