Psoriasis is a serious condition that can be painful, itchy, and unsightly.
Imagine a world free of dry skin, free from the angry patches that itch and hurt.
We have devised a healthy and effective way to soothe and control and it.


Psoriasis is not a skin condition. It is a manifestation on the surface of the skin of an auto-immune disease. Certainly, topical care is important, but most conventional topical formulations for psoriasis or lotions and creams for dry skin are full of ingredients that can adversely affect your internal body. We think that's a short sighted approach.
We believe that caring for your whole body is equally as important as keeping your skin looking and feeling good. All of Trillium's formulations are made with ingrediens which are safe and healthy for your whole body internally.
While we are Not at all claiming that our products can Cure Psoriasis. Many people who suffer from psoriasis have found temporary relief from the symptoms by paying attention to the triggers and avoiding them, and treating their skin with Natural and Organic topical products such as Trillium Organics products.


1- Hydrate skin in the bath or shower, rub Organic Body Polish over affected areas, knees, elbows, scalp, anywhere that the patches of dry skin. The crystals of salt gently exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal new, soft skin beneath.
2- Pat dry, apply Organic Body Butter to lock in moisture and hydration.
That's all!
Of course, the classic recommendations still apply:
try to avoid the foods that trigger flare ups
get out in the sunshine
avoid inordinate amounts of stress
Even if you can't always be perfect, Organic Body Polish and Organic Body Butter can make you more comfortable in your skin, and should flare ups occur, it can help to calm them.
We also suggest that you clean up all of the skin care products that you use, and remove any products that contain ingredients that are toxic to your internal system. Conventional body care and cosmetics are replete with endocrine disruptors, hormone impersonators and carcinogens. These substances could be one of the underlying causes of the autoimmune dysfunction which could be contributing factors which led to the psoriasis in the first place.

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