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Rosy Resolution Face Polish a.k.a Daily

This cleansing moisturizer is excellent for Rosacea, Eczema, or Dermatitis The herbs, oils and aromatherapy is designed to encourage balance in the skin function.  The salts gently cleanse away the dead skin, dirt and makeup while the oils drench the dermis in moisture.

Daily Face Polish is an excellent way to exfoliated dead skin cells and  It leaves the face supple and dewy,   an excellent preparation for mineral makeup.  Without polishing first, mineral powder can make the face look and feel dry, this accentuates wrinkles.  After polishing, mineral makeup goes onto a smooth prepared surface that locks in moisture and holds the powders on the surface all day.

Rosy Resolution Treatment Oil

Reduce the ruddy, splotchy appearance of inflammation and broken capillaries with powerfully balancing Organic Argan and Rose Hip Seed Oils.  Apply this treatment strength anti inflammatory oil onto any affected areas after using the Rosy Resolution Facial Cleansing Oil .  Watch the uneven inflamed skin fade to smooth, clear radiance.

Rosy Resolution Facial Cleansing Oil 4oz

Age defying Organic Evening Primrose Chamomile Oil, Organic Argan Oil and Organic Castor Oil drench the skin in bio active emollients. Erase fine lines and fortify skin to a radiant glow. This Organic home facial treatment creates a remarkably visible difference.

Our Price: $40.00 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Rosy Resolution Organic Hydration Mist

Organic Rose Hydrosol is the epitome of botanical hydration.  The Queen Mother of all flowers yields her essence through the steam distillation process.  The result is an aromatic water that envelops the senses as it nourishes the skin with its high vibration.  Cooling and antiinflammatory, excellent after sun spray.

Our Price: $40.00 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Rosy Resolution Discovery Package

Discovery package of the entire OGface product lineup, specifically fomulated to manage the redness and inflammation casued by Rosacea.
2 oz Organic Facial Cleansing Oil, .33 oz Organic Facial Treatment Oil, 4 oz net wt Organic Face Polish, 2 oz Organic Hydration Mist.

Our Price: $83.00