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  • Almost 25 Years ago, I awoke to dangers of toxic cosmetics to ourselves and the planet we all share. Trillium Organics is born of a mama's deep desire to manifest a better approach to skincare, considering the wellness of the user as well as the impact upon nature downstream. I struggle mightily with guilt over using plastic jars. We do it for safety, plastic is shower safe and shatterproof. I chose PET because it is the most stable plastic and will not leach into the products themselves. Nonetheless, I am devastated by the horrible impact of plastic waste in our Oceans.
  • We have never used petroleum based synthetic ingredients or plastic microbeads. We reluctantly use plastic jars and bottles, and for that I am very sorry, Mother Earth. We have encouraged Recycling, Reuse,and now, with the Eco Positive Polish Pack, we now offer Reduction. Thus, I began to package our bath and body products into virgin PET plastic. In my effort to minimize the amount of plastic proffered by Trillium, I have created the Eco-Positive Polish Pack, to be more Eco logical; replacing 5 jars with 1 reusable jar and a bulk storage bag. This is the best system for anyone who incorporates Organic Body Polish into their healthy skin habits.
  • Earth Day is again upon us, and I am deeply saddened by the trajectory which our country is going ecologically and consciously. Division is making more headlines than Unity, The decimation of the soil air and water alike by conventional agribusiness, and the attack on our wild spaces by the EPA itself and petroleum industry and the systematic undermining of efforts to avert climate change. Still, I am the eternal optimist and I will continue to hold the idea of a balanced, harmonized world. We use exclusively Cruelty free and Organic inputs in our products. We focus on positive outcomes for all every point in our supply chain, blend our products with gratitude and love, and connect with our customers with compassion and provide powerful tools to create healthy habits for wellness.
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