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Blissful Soothing Rose Buds, 3.0 oz Blissful Soothing Rose Essential Oil - .5 fl oz Blissful Soothing Rose Moisturizing Salt Glow 16 fl. oz
Organic Rose Buds to add to the Steamer, enhancing the aroma and therapeutic value of the steam. Rose fragrance brings aromatic magic to the Steamy Wonder treatment. Also adds to aromatherapy. Exfoliate, moisturize and protect your skin with this blissful soothing gentle salt glow. The ultimate aromatherapy salt glows to uplift, open the heart, and soothe the senses. Perfect for your clients to use at home to keep skin soft smooth and moisturized
Blissful Soothing Rose Massage Oil 16 fl. oz *Fragrance Free* Organic Finishing Butter, 8 fl oz Blissful Soothing Rose Aromatherapy Treatment
Blissful Soothing Rose Aromatherapy Treatment
List Price: $185.00
Our Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $160.00
Moisturizing massage oil graced with the uplifting essence of Rose, Sandalwood, and Vanilla. Nourishing base of Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil Organic Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil.

Lightly moisturizing finishing balm, crafted from certified organic oils to lock in the benefit of all the Steamy Wonder treatments. Certified Organic by OCIA: Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax.

This blissful soothing rose massage and aromatherapy treatment is perfect for any woman who wants to smell like a dozen roses, and have her body feeling smooth and soft. Roses are also known for there soothing and cooling properties and it also open up opens your heart chakra. Excellent for special occasions like Valentines Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.