Dry Hands? Chapped and cracking?
SALT WASH will Restore your Lipid Seal

Refreshed Restored Resilient

Salt Wash 24oz SALT WASH 120 oz SALT WASH
Salt Wash
Our Price: $21.00

Our Price: $33.00

120 oz SALT WASH
Our Price: $132.00
These twelve ounces will change the look and feel of your skin.
Instantly see the results, ad dull and dry give way to revitalized and radiant.
The 24 Ounce jar is enough SALTWASH to transform your skin completely.
ReVitalize your skin from Dry and Dull to Moist and Radiant.

The Salt of the Party will refresh your Vibe leaving behind dissonance of the Way out Wireless Weather that we walk through daily.
Re Minding us the Calm Centered Force of Nature that we ARE.

most economical - most ecological - most effectiveThis 110 oz bag and 12 ounce scoop jar
A great way to bring the Salt of the Party into the shower!
Scoop jar holds more than enough for a two person shower party!
Roll & Clip Sack keeps product fresh, dry, dark, & airless.
Reboot your Vibe
SALT crystals rolled over your entire surface
is a vibrational detox from the wireless cacophony of Public space. Restore your Self to the Centered Calm of I AM awakeness.